Friday, 17 July 2009

Obligatory Periodical Update

As much as I've promised to keep this thing updated, I've had neither the drive nor the inspiration to do anything remotely music-related until recently. Deleted the RP Myspace recently as I was pretty unhappy of the image it gave of the project. I'd rather play my cards somewhat close to my chest and update only when I've got something to show for it.
Eitherway, with that being scrapped I have also scrapped anything I had to show for a new album, as I have been pretty unsatisfied with how things have been going on that front recently. Besides, with the upheaval at college, as well as having to find work, and generally being at an extreme low-point in terms of creativity, I thought it best to let it incubate for a little while.
However, I have recently started working on some new material and I'm pretty happy with the direction it's taking so far. Nice balance between noisy stuff and melody, and between pop-oriented sounds and experimental stuff too. Some of the previous stuff might rear its head in some form, but I don't know right now.
I'm currently staying away from my home flat, as I've had to take work down in Dunbar (35-mile commute on a bus = NOT WIN) and with this I've generally been writing exclusively on the laptop.
No hardware. Not even a MIDI controller :S Although I think I'll definitely pick up one of those sexy little Akai nano-keyboards when they're released. Rawr!
Yeah, having no keyboard really hampers your creativity, and I'm a BIG fan of their MPK keyboards. Very responsive and full-featured, and built like absolute tanks to boot - hell, I dropped mine quite violently and it didn't suffer a scratch!
Anyway, this super-extra-caffiene fuelled entry has gone on long enough. Shall update when I have more to update about. Pinkie promise!

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